Ellies Pearling Australia

Ellies Pearling is one of the largest producers of south sea pearls in Australia. They are able to produce some of the largest pearls in the world up to 20mm with no blemishes and high luster.

Niino Pearl Culturing Co

One of Myanmar's finest producers, Niino Pearls are renowned for its dark gold color pearls, and focuses on smaller quantities of gem grade pearls

Orient Pearl Myanmar

Orient Pearl Myanmar is one of the largest producers ofSouth Sea Pearls in the world. Sizes can range from 8 to 18mm in Gold SouthSea.

Rio Pearl Myanmar

Rio Pearl produces both white and gold south sea from the Mergui Archipelagos,and its color and luster are of the best in the world.

Tahiti (TTP)

Located deep within the islands of Tahiti, this group of producers from the Tuamoto Region represent some of the finest quality gems from Tahiti.

Rikitea Gambia Contigent

The furthest group of islands in Tahiti, this group of producers produces the finest colors in Tahiti in peacock, fancy light and dark, these pearls are the most sought after gems of Tahiti.

Indonesia (LSP)

One of the most important white south sea pearl producers in Indonesia, they produce mainly sizes from 8 to 14mm, in lustrous white, pink, and grey.

Indonesia (PVT)

A producer of both white and gold south sea, they occasionally are able to produce top quality whites and gold south sea pearls.